Oferta de empleo: Intership in Digital Marketing


The company

Koiki is a last mile delivery service that delivers parcels at the time specified by the consumer. Koiki is a sustainable (Social, Environmental), disruptive, Mobile Last Mile DeliveryService within the sahring economy. 

  • Social because Koiki Messengers will be crowdsourced from our neighborhoods and we will give preference to disabled and minorities communities. 
  • Environmental because our Koiki Messengers as they live very near to the consumers,will deliver either walking, in bikes or in electric vehicles. Thus, reducing carbonfootprint.
  • Disruptive because Koiki changes the way we receive/send parcels from our homes.Nowadays, the transport companies (UPS, DHL,…) dictate the time at which the parcelis going to be delivered or picked up at your home. Koiki’s solution allows you to definethe exact time at which you want the parcel to be delivered or picked up at your home.
  • Mobile: Koiki is a Smartphone mobile App that will interconnect the Consumers andour Koiki Messengers. 
  • Sharing Economy: Koiki is a vertical transport marketplace within the sharing economyit is inspired by companies like BlaBlaCar, Taskrabbit, Helloalfred…
See our videos at: Our home page www.koiki.eu Our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_0zrTG2oXA_LJvffg-iKLQ

Job Description

Our internship will work in the Marketing and Communication area, hand in hand with ourTeam in all of the following activities: 
  • Design and Promote Marketing Activities either Traditional or Digital in cities, areas, neighborhoods where KOIKI is present.
  • Control Digital advertising Campaigns in Google Display, Facebook, email marketing… 
  • Overview and control Google analytics
  • Manage Koiki’s Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Participate in General Koiki presentations like Venture day,…
  • Design updates in our Web, Flyers and Powerpoints presentations.
  • Service and manage the media.
But the most important responsibility for him will be to enjoy each day at Koiki. As a start-up, we have no money to disburse, but we promise a very exciting time with us. Any transport needed to perform its work will be paid by Koiki.




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