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Shoptalk Europe announces the 2023 Agenda

Shoptalk knows that innovation isn’t a luxury – it’s business critical.

As the European retail environment is disrupted by dynamic consumer behaviours, an abundance of new digital technologies, and a challenging economic backdrop, this is the exact moment when winning businesses will look beyond the short-term and accelerate, not slow down, their digital transformation.

That’s why Shoptalk Europe will be more important than ever in 2023

Like the established American events, the Shoptalk Europe agenda is laser-focused on helping you succeed in retail’s digital future. Simply put: it’s where the future of retail is built. Shoptalk’s distinctive approach to content means you’re guaranteed to leave with insights and perspectives simply not found anywhere else:

  • Shoptalk Europe hand-picks all 175+ speakers to create a stellar line-up from retail and brand giants from the likes of Adidas, Ahold-Delhaize, Carrefour, Decathlon, Mars, Pandora, The Coca-Cola Company, The LEGO Group, Unilever and heaps more rocking the stage.
  • Two-thirds of the speakers are Founders, CEOs or other C-level executives, providing a unique opportunity to hear fresh insights and actionable takeaways from the very leaders who are pioneering the industry’s transformation.
  • Each and every one of the panels, presentations and workshops touch on new technologies and business models that are critical to future-proofing your business.
  • The programme is strategic and forward-looking, helping you escape the day-to-day and see the bigger picture of where the industry is headed.
  • There’s no “pay-to-play” on the agenda, meaning Shoptalk Europe curates all speakers based on which companies and leaders are challenging established norms and accelerating the industry’s transformation across Europe and the globe.

Looking ahead to Shoptalk Europe 2023, here are five critical questions that attending help you answer.

  • What does best-in-class customer engagement look like? How shoppers search for and discover products is changing. Shoptalk Europe will examine the platforms and capabilities companies need to ensure they’re present where their shoppers are, including social commerce, visual search, livestreaming and shoppable video, and generative AI.
  • What emerging channels will deliver growth for my business? Shoptalk goes beyond the obvious and short-term to help retail businesses find growth. Shoptalk Europe will cover how ecommerce, marketplaces and DTC will strategically and commercially evolve. But they will also go further, looking at the latest in Web 3.0 and the metaverse, as well as how new offerings like Retail Media Networks, white-label services and more are creating new revenue streams and boosting profits for retailers.
  • How do I deliver an outstanding store experience? Shoptalk Europe will explore how leading companies are reimagining their stores to deliver unified, seamless and engaging experiences to shoppers. They will discuss the impact these changes have on merchandising, store operations and design, including the role technologies like computer vision, robotics and augmented reality will play.
  • Which tech investments will boost my revenue and profitability? Driving operational efficiency is even more important in a tough economic climate. Shoptalk Europe will help you identify the next game-changing technologies to unlock savings across the business, from new fulfilment capabilities to digital twins to inventory management solutions.
  • What organisational changes will help me win? Successful businesses must keep evolving their structures to enable digital transformation and not be left behind. You’ll hear how organisations are breaking down barriers and processes to share data and insights across divisions, discover tools to better equip their workforce, and get firsthand advice from leaders on how to inspire and enable your teams during disruption.

Join Shoptalk Europe’s community of 3,500 retail industry decision-makers in Barcelona from 9-11 May 2023. You can see the agenda here. You can also apply to speak here.

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